The Car Fire

The image above is a stock photograph and not my actual car fire, read more below!

Sometimes the best stories happen with near death experiences…

When I was in college, I had went to my in-law’s for Thanksgiving weekend without my wife.  She was on internship in Alaska and so I got to enjoy the weekend with her family and friends.  At the time, her friends and I were building a world in Minecraft.  This was well before the game became popular.

My friend had our world hosted on his computer and we were enjoying a night, it was the list evening there.  Time flew by and before I knew it, it was 4am.  I scrambled, packed up my computer and hit the road.  Bad idea.

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How to speed up your website to load freaky fast

Jimmy Johns has created an almost unrealistic expectation on how fast things should be.  Websites aren’t the exception to that.  If your website doesn’t load within the first three seconds, the majority of visitors will move on.

Unfortunately, that means unless you are a mega corporation, you can’t afford to speed up your website.  Luckily, there is something for the little guys.  And it’s free!

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How to upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive

In tonight’s post, I will walk you through how to upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive.  Before I do that, I wanted to tell the story of how I restored my wife’s five year old laptop to almost brand new by upgrading the hard drive to a solid state drive.

My wife had an old Toshiba laptop that was dog slow.  It took her several minutes to boot up, log in and also minutes between launching applications.  She got so frustrated, I actually caught her before she bought a new laptop at Best Buy.  I promised her that I could fix her computer for less than $200.

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But it won’t turn on!

Welcome to Tuesday!

Tonight I will tell a story of a user and technician who got so confused.

Remote support is challenging sometimes.  Especially when a computer is out of commission.  If you can turn a computer on, likely, I can remote control it to fix any issue very easily and efficiently.  But if that first step doesn’t work so well, that is when things get interesting.

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Automate Scheduling of Appointments and Taking Payment with Acuity Scheduling

The first product that I would like to promote for small businesses is Acuity Scheduling.  This tool will automate scheduling of appointments and even take payments!  But before I get into that, I’ll tell you a story.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a former business owner and lifelong entrepreneur.  What I mean by that is, I have this passion for starting things that I just cannot turn off.  It really drives my wife nuts.  Coupled with this, is a self-taught business acumen that my coworkers have noticed.

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Hate to break it to you…

I’m drafting this post for Sunday today, which is Saturday.  Mainly because I don’t like to do much work on Sunday, except for the honey-do list that comes with brand new home ownership.  Today’s story is about IT Support on call.

When I worked for a company who distributes auto parts, I was in an on call rotation with five other help desk colleagues.  It was a decent gig.  We had to come in each evening of our week at 10:00 PM to swap out the tape backups before the mainframe ran the backup sequence.  Thankfully, the system didn’t run backups on Sundays.

On call support

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Windows Update Fix for HP t520 Thin Client

This will be more of a technical article, and very short.  I ran into an issue the other day when trying to run Windows Update on the Windows Embedded 7 (WES7) HP t520 Thin Client.

We needed to get this patched because there was an issue with the RDP program that was updated through a patch.  We now keep all of our HP t520 Thin Client machines fully patched.

I was sitting there trying to run Windows Update from the Control Panel and it kept saying that the settings are controlled by the system administrator, wouldn’t let me proceed.  I got super frustrated until I found the solution.

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Velcro Key

I thought I would tell one of my more entertaining tales from my early days working as a student at Concordia St Paul.  Before I get into that, I’d like to be perfectly transparent with my goals for this blog.

By the end of 2017, my goal is to have 100 unique sessions and 500 pageviews per day.  You may be wondering why I would be setting this goal. The purpose is twofold.  I want to use this blog as a place to capture my learning and failure over the years so that other techs, users and family can find answers to issues they may be facing with their technology.

Secondly, I want to prop up companies and technologies that I truly believe will have a great impact for small businesses and individuals.  This will be done through affiliate links.  Which means for each person who buys a product or service through one of the links on this blog, I will get a very small percentage of that sale.  There are two ways that people on the internet go about this, there are the swindlers who promote anything just to make a buck.  Then there are the honest people who have tried, tested and proven that the technology or service they are promoting works well.  I will do my best to represent the latter.

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Export Exchange Mailbox to a PST using Powershell

Tonight’s story is one of success.  In my nerdy nature, it brought me great joy.

Recently, I had a request come in to recover a specific email attachment.  From 2014.  Thankfully, the user was smart and sent me the information I needed to begin my search.  I did not tell them that this would be an impossible task because our email backups only go back 60 days, not to mention, we recently migrated them from on-premises Exchange 2010 to Office 365 (Exchange Online).

The Hunt

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Resurrected Blog


I have always had a passion for writing.  From my middle school LiveJournal, to my early high school Geocities website, now onto a blog capturing my adventures in IT.

This blog will be all about the things I’ve learned in my career in IT, the joys I’ve had, and the sorrows I’ve faced.  My goal is to make it educational as well as entertaining.

I’ll start off this journey with a mishap.

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