Email Management Tools for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

Communication is key; it plays a major role in businesses nowadays and determines your growth or impending failure. In the 21st century, communication has evolved beyond the norm of meetings, letters, and others. Now, organizations which manage their email management tools are crowned king.

In order to effectively manage a business, you should have a strategy which ensures effective creation and distribution of your emails. How many subscribers do you have currently? How many do you aim to have? How soon do you need them?

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Google Chrome & HTTPS – Is Your Website Secure?

Does Google use HTTPS as an SEO ranking signal? – As of 2018, advice straight from the search engine giant is a resounding yes. What is more, as of July, the Google Chrome web browser will start issuing security warnings to users, every time they happen to navigate to non-HTTPS supported URLs.

HTTPS Vs HTTP – What do Webmasters Need to Know?

HTTP stands for ‘Hypertext Transfer Protocol’ and was created in 1989, by world wide web creator, Tim Berners-Lee.

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Why Do You Need Website Optimization?

There’s no love on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of businesses jostling for a handful of jaded clients who have little interest and an even tinier attention span. The competition is fierce, no doubt. Only the lions survive in the jungle, only businesses with optimized websites take the lion share.

Your website is a very important tool. It is how you get to tell the world about your product and services in the style, manner, and format that you desire. However, this liberty is taken for granted and the result is a website that fails to achieve the purpose for which it was created. The way around this is to simply optimize your website.

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Google’s Need for Speed: Mobile Site Speed Now a Key Ranking Factor

Looking for turnkey, web design services? If so, the idea of using web design services offered by the likes of might seem very tempting. Did you know, however, that WYSIWYG built websites, often come at the expense of significantly reduced search visibility?

53% of Websites are Abandoned due to Slow Load Times

Web development company, increased year on year profits by 51% in 2017. Sadly, as many Wix users are already aware, deploying drag and drop built websites often comes at the expense of excruciatingly poor performance.

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