I thought that I should tell you a little about my story and why this blog.

My story

My wife and I have been married for four years now, and even before marriage, we knew we wanted a big family.  Two years into our marriage, we finally agreed we were at a place where we could start trying to have kids without it killing our finances and lives.  About six months into trying, we decided to go to an OBGYN to see if there is any assistance we could get.  We knew that it would be a challenge to have kids because my wife has PCOS.

We met an awesome doctor and started taking Chlomid, which is a medicine that helps induce egg formation in the ovaries.  We tried this for another six months.  It was after that that we decided to visit a fertility clinic and start the process of IUI.  After spending about $8,000 on that and failing, we decided it was time to explore other avenues for having children.

It was in that moment, that adoption got rooted into our hearts.  We discovered an adoption facilitator that specializes in domestic infant adoption placements.  Lifetime Adoption is a wonderful organization that really cares for birthmothers and waiting families.

After submitting our contract and $20,000 payment to Lifetime Adoption, we became a waiting family.  Lifetime advised us that legal fees for adoption were not covered in the payment we sent to them.  Legal fees that would average $15,000-$20,000 depending on the state and situation.  We still believe that this was the right decision for our family.

A year out from that decision, I am trying to do everything I can to pay off this debt and save enough for legal fees before we get our adoption placement.  I am working four jobs, plus this blog.

  • I have an amazing day job as an IT Design Engineer at a company called slashBlue
  • I drive for both Lyft and Uber (those are my referral links)
  • I deliver for Amazon Flex
  • Lastly, I freelance on Fiverr (starting to try and pick up more business here as it fits our family schedule better)

I can’t wait to tell you more about these jobs in future posts.

Why this blog?

I want to use this blog as a place to capture my learnings and failures over the years so that other techs, users, and family can find answers to issues they may be facing with their technology.

Secondly, I want to promote my Fiverr freelance work as I truly believe I can have a great impact on small businesses and individuals.  Within Fiverr, I have several things that I provide:

  • Tech Consultancy. Getting the right hardware for your business can be a challenging situation to say the least. This is where I like to come in, offering the advice and support that you need to really make a major difference to how your business operates. As a tech consultant, I’ll help you find the right tools and software for your own needs and ambitions.
  • E-mail Setup. A service that is rapidly growing in size at this moment in time is Google Apps Domain accounts. I can help you to set up, manage and securely control your e-mail for this particular issue. It’s a time-consuming, stress-inducing scenario so I can help you manage this easily.
  • Zoho Mail Management. If you have a bespoke website domain, you might wish to set it up with your Zoho mail client. I can do that for you, making sure it runs with your own custom domain to ensure you have easy access to your main account through Zoho.
  • Mailchimp Verification. Getting your domain verified on Mailchimp can be a timely and often times irritating experience. I can help you out there, making sure that you can get your domain verified without any time being wasted or opportunities being missed out on.
  • Mail Migration. I also offer migration to take your emails over from a server to Gmail, Zoho and various other e-mail clients that you may use or wish to use in future.
  • Website Design. I also offer website design services, where I can help people to get their website up and running with a look design and an intelligent, well-managed back-end coding platform that makes sure the website runs fast, loads smoothly and looks fantastic.
  • Website Optimization. Already got a website? I can fix it up for you in no time at all. I can speed up and fully secure your website, working with you to get it operational and running at a high level in a very short space of time.
  • Office 365. I can also help you to get your Office 365 Exchange set-up to make sure that your domain e-mail is set up and ready to go for easy management and care of your systems in the shortest space of time possible.

Got any questions about these services and skills? Then feel free to take a look. I can help you to fix many computer problems, so shoot me a line and I’ll do all I can to help you out in the future!

Thank you for visiting my blog and for supporting our journey to adoption.  You can find more information about our adoption here.