Configuring Google Suite Domain for Custom Professional Email Address

In this world of the internet, the number one form of communication is with email.  The number one email provider is Google Suite.  Don’t get left out in the  cold by a client who reads your email address from a “” or “”.  Show them a professional touch with an email address that matches your website.

I remember when I first launched my business with a address.  People thought I was a teenager trying to scam them!  Once I got my professional email address “,” I got more respect and professional courtesy.  I also ended up getting more sales!

Google Suite is a service that you can sign up for that costs $5 per user per month.  Once you have your subscription started, your account made, I can help you add your primary and/or secondary domains.  I can configure Google Suite to send and receive email properly.

This sounds like a large undertaking that will cost a lot of money… WRONG!

I can do all of this starting at just $5.  So there is no excuse not to get your custom professional email address with Google Suite.

Check out my gig at and order now!

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