Email Management Tools for Small and Medium Scale Businesses

Communication is key; it plays a major role in businesses nowadays and determines your growth or impending failure. In the 21st century, communication has evolved beyond the norm of meetings, letters, and others. Now, organizations which manage their email management tools are crowned king.

In order to effectively manage a business, you should have a strategy which ensures effective creation and distribution of your emails. How many subscribers do you have currently? How many do you aim to have? How soon do you need them?

Email management includes all necessary activities done in a systematic manner to evaluate the quality and quantity of mails received or sent by a business venture.  This system is crucial for a proper customer service management and more important is the ability to track relevant metrics. Here are some email management tools to consider.

Email Management Tools

email management tools


This tool is easy to use, comprises of a plethora of features for marketing, and it is affordable. One important feature of this tool is that it can effectively help you to manage leads. It gets better, apart from managing leads, the conversion process is seamless. The marketing automation sequence is incredibly easy to create and behaviors are effectively monitored.


This is a hands-on sales and marketing automation platform which provides email marketing services. It is also quite pricey, in fact, very expensive. The pricing starts at $199/month and a kick-starter package costs about $2000. The pro is that it is a full CRM system which encompasses other eCommerce tools. This means you have the freedom to automate your campaigns based on how the customer reacts.

Constant Contact

On this platform, you are assigned a personal coach to set up email newsletters and auto responders- two inherently challenging tasks. You can also explore the other marketing tools they offer such as event registration tools, feedback forms, and surveys.


Although users complain that it looks a bit outdated, this platform gets the job done nicely. In fact, perfectly! It is a perfect combination of affordable and User-friendly. Unlike other platforms, it gives you insights into the email marketing journey, exposing you to the effective and not-so-effective strategies to employ. Aweber also supports a host of third-party integrations so there’s no cause for alarm.


It is important to know that there’s no one-size-fits-all in email marketing. There are different strokes for different folks. What works for one company might not work for yours. This is not to discourage you, rather, it is to inform you that there’s a tool suited to your needs out there.

If one doesn’t work, surely, others might. This is why it is recommended to speak to a professional email marketer who has a wealth of experience helping businesses integrate email management tools.