Essential Features of an Effective Business Workflow Automation Process

If your business is currently struggling to make a profit, it might not really be your fault. Companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and even Tesla incurred losses at first; huge ones at that. However, if you do not have business workflow automation in place, you deserve the blame. In fact, you’re not just setting up your business to fail initially, you’re nailing the coffin with your special sledgehammer.

A lot of companies rely heavily on Business Workflow Automation Systems to increase their productivity. If a company finds the right workflow consulting organization, the productive results will be hugely significant. To be precise, the organizations mentioned above have these automated systems in place and that’s why success was/is assured.

The most appropriate workflow consulting organization will help in defining and controlling activities that are instrumental in a business process. Here, we’ll discuss some features that are essential when you want to hire a workflow consulting organization.

business workflow automation

Your Business Workflow Should be Graphically Modeled

The paramount step to understanding and subsequently delineating a process is to make a graphical model of that process. This will show the steps of a process and what will ensue from those steps. With the help of a graphical model, roles of individuals, resources, expected outputs and a whole lot more can be aptly visualized.

By showing the flow of a process, team members can be in tandem. It also helps in shedding more light on the exact reason why team members have been assigned particular roles.

Availability of Cloud Hosting Services

Some businesses still use on-site work management software that works using their servers. This is not necessarily bad, however, it is preferable to embrace the numerous perks of a cloud-hosted solution. A cloud-based system is cheaper to maintain, simple to scale up or down and information can be accessed from anywhere/anytime.

A cloud business workflow automation system is particularly suitable if your business has work team members who telecommute. Cloud systems also make sure that current patches are always installed. This ensures that you enjoy unlimited upgrades and updates as they are due.

Access Control

It is important for workflow management systems to have modeling and transparency as features. However, this does not mean that processes or workflow phases can be altered by people not involved in them.

Your workflow management software has to ensure that there is a clear distinction between responsibilities. People in different roles of a process can update their statuses, but access to the entire workflow shouldn’t be possible. A project or workflow manager should also be able to redeploy roles when it becomes necessary.

Workflow Patterns should be Flexible

Sometimes, workflows are just simple sequences. Others include a number of sequences that work in parallel. Additionally, there are workflows that include various tiers of processes that have to be implemented in a unique order. An efficient workflow management software should be able to design and model various workflows in different ways.

This flexibility is very important. Normally, processes should be defined and guided by business workflow automation systems. However, these systems shouldn’t limit these processes in any way. Workflows are as unique as each of their organizations. With that, their respective management software should not hinder the creation of peculiar patterns and workflows that are important.


Using the right workflow organization, graphical models of workflows can be easily created. Also, you’ll have workflow patterns that can be designed with the utmost flexibility. In addition, features like easy-to-use status representations and form pre-filling are also available. All these are provided for in a cloud-based solution that doesn’t need any on-site servers or software maintenance.