Fix your slow computer with this simple tool

There are a number of things that can cause your computer to become slow.  Fortunately, there is a fix for your slow computer with a simple tool.  Now sometimes, there are things that slow a computer down that one tool cannot fix.

However, this tool is a great start, CCleaner offers the following features:

  • Browser Clean-up
  • Registry Cleaning
  • Startup Optimization
  • Programs Clean-up

Browser Clean-up

Let’s take a look at browser clean-up.  Did you know that every time you visit a website, you receive a trace amount of data on your computer?  These are called Cookies and most of the time they are good.  However, sometimes, they become too much.  CCleaner has the ability to clean up those cookies in a safe and efficient way.

Registry Cleaning

Secondly, CCleaner can clean up your computer registry (Windows Only).  Think of our computer like a library.  Every program that you install on your computer is like indexing another book at a library.  The library has a central system with all of the library books in it.  Sometimes when you remove a program from your computer, it doesn’t remove it’s index entry from the registry.  Like removing a book from the library, but the library system still shows the book is there.  The registry can become bloated with unused entries to the point in which your computer slows down.  CCleaner is really good at identifying registry items that are not needed and deleting them.

Startup Optimization

Third, CCleaner offers startup optimization (Windows Only).  When you turn your computer on, it is trying to do a large number of things at that same moment in time.  The more programs, or junk you get on your computer, the more it has to try and process when it starts up.  CCleaner lists your startup items and allows you to disable ones that you do not need.  I recommend that you can safely disable most items that do not have “Microsoft” in their title.  You will also want to avoid disabling anything labeled “haptics” or “audio”.

Programs Clean-up

Lastly, CCleaner has a simple interface for uninstalling unneeded programs.  Sometimes when we go to a website, it has us install a plugin or some other software.  Most of the time, these items will only slow your computer down.  That’s where this feature can come in handy.  This process is a little more tricky to get down, but you can typically uninstall any programs labeled “toolbar”, “optimizer”, “protector”, etc.  If you have a question about a program, the best way to identify if it is legitimate or not, is to search for the name on the website: Should I Remove it?  It will give the program a rating based on other people’s feedback on if you should uninstall it or not.

CCleaner is a very powerful tool in a simple package.  If you need any assistance with a slower computer and do not feel comfortable performing these steps on your own, click below and I’d be happy to help!
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