How to speed up your website to load freaky fast

Jimmy Johns has created an almost unrealistic expectation on how fast things should be.  Websites aren’t the exception to that.  If your website doesn’t load within the first three seconds, the majority of visitors will move on.

Unfortunately, that means unless you are a mega corporation, you can’t afford to speed up your website.  Luckily, there is something for the little guys.  And it’s free!

Introducing CloudFlare

Back when I had my own business, my website was very slow to load.  I started CloudFlare and it changed everything.  I was able to speed up my website and encourage more traffic to funnel through.

CloudFlare is one of the top Content Delivery Network (CDN) services out there.  What this means is it captures your website data and stores it on their freaky fast servers.  That way, when someone visits your website, they are actually going to CloudFlare’s servers to get the data.

Beyond CDN, CloudFlare offers a sort of redundancy for your website.  If your website server goes down, CloudFlare will know about it and immediately start serving pages from their servers that were cached.  That means your website will virtually always be accessible!

The best thing, it is very easy to set up and requires no downtime.  I can help you get CloudFlare set up today, for ONLY $5!

Happy browsing!