Hyper-V RDS services install

This fix applies if you are running a “quick” install of Remote Desktop Services on a single server.  It will fail most of the time, unless you perform the following workaround.

This is due to a feature of the Remote Desktop Connection Broker.  It installs a Windows Internal DB feature and service.  This service is installed with a service account that doesn’t exist.  It therefore cannot start due to a login failure.

Here is the workaround:

  1. Start the RDS install wizard from Add Roles and Features.
  2. Add in all the relevant servers.
  3. Deploy the install.
  4. When the “RD Connection Broker role service” progress bar stalls go to the Services on the connection broker.
  5. A new service will have been installed “Windows Internal DB”, you made need to refresh.
  6. Edit the Logon Properties for this service to be local.
  7. Start the service.
  8. Return to the wizard and it should finish successfully.