May the Fourth Be With you

Hey all!

I thought that I would share a story today of Jedi powers.  It was a long time ago, when I worked as a hardware technician at my alma mater.  I loved these days, they were so simple and the work was great.  I was getting paid minimal wage and enjoying learning more outside of class about my career than in class.  (Except for your classes Dr. H!)

I worked with a man that I will name Timothy.  He was older than I, and was trained more than I.  It was a long day, it was the end of the year, and so we had a ton of laptops coming in to clean, organize and repair.  You’d be amazed at what a student can live with on a laptop to avoid getting charged for damages!  I left briefly to go to lunch, I locked my computer because Timothy had a way of getting into things…

I enjoyed lunch at our local cafeteria, the food was getting better, but it still wasn’t the greatest.  When I got back to the tech shop, the scene was terrible.

The scene

I walked in and there was my laptop, dangling off the edge of the workbench hanging by an ethernet cable.  Meanwhile, Timothy wasn’t around.  I immediately rush to my laptop and grab it carefully placing it on the workbench.  The screen was shattered.  At first I thought he had set up one of the other student’s laptops as a prank and hid mine somewhere else.

But I look at the login screen and it’s my computer!  I immediately panic and try to track Timothy down.  I found him and let him have it.  He just threw his head back and laughed at me.  It was a good five minutes before he could control himself long enough to tell me that it wasn’t my computer.

What he did was quite ingenious.  He pulled the hard drive out of my laptop and swapped it with one of the laptops with a shattered screen.  Then powered it back up and let it hang.

I’ll give it to Timothy, it was quite the prank.  Someday I will pay it forward!