Overview and Importance of G Suite Management for Businesses

G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Work, and Google App for your Domain. It was developed by Google, and it is one of the most popular cloud computing suites currently available. It offers a wide range of web-based services and applications to help organizations communicate with Gmail, Calendar, Google+ and Hangouts.

G Suite also helps businesses collaborate with Slides, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Site. More so, it stores data using the all-important drive. It has been built for security, and it offers a professional outlook for businesses of any size.

“This is fine, but how does it relate to me?” Good question! In fact, we shall rely on several points to pass the answer.

g suite management

Benefits of G Suite Management Service

Get Ownership and Continuity

With G Suite, it is very easy to create a file and backups. You can retain and access contents created by employees even after they leave. With G Suite you can also keep track of collaboration files within the company.

Access to files stored on the cloud can be given by bestowing the creation and ownership to the administrator. Since you own the address, you get to assign collaboration jobs to another person, if the employee handling it goes on vacation or leaves.

Better Email Service and Aliases

With G Suite, you get a better email hosting service and you don’t have to use the generic @gmail.com. It is also worth mentioning that you can use multiple aliases, which helps you create a specific starting point for potential customers.

You Get Enhanced Security

G Suite management secures your cloud system against breaches using advanced encryption and verification tools. It provides a 2-step authentication, to make sure that every device connecting to your cloud system has been verified through email and phone.

G Suite Facilitates Team Collaboration

G Suite allows you to share files and collaborate even though you are not remotely connected. You can also restrict/permit them from editing the files. Google chat makes it easy to communicate and discuss with them, while Google hangout allows you to have a video conference with them.

G Suite Allows You Work Using Different Devices

Forgot your phone or PC at home? No problem. By saving your projects on your cloud system, G Suite allows you to access your work anywhere, any device, and continue where you stopped.

Email Grouping

G Suite management allows you to send emails to each department, instead of going through the trouble of sending individually. It gets better.  Your departments can work out of collaborative inboxes.  This service doesn’t attract any cost and the number of groups that can be added is unlimited.

Day And Night Support

G Suites offers a 24/7 customer care service which allows you to reach them anytime with email and live chat, in case you stumble on a problem while working on a project.

You Get Unfettered Control

G Suite management allows you to have full and total control over your documents and files. You will be able to grant access for employees to view documents on specific devices, this way the company’s data is properly secured and can only be viewed on authorized devices.


Perhaps the best benefit it offers is that it can be set up for just $15 when you contact a professional here.  Pretty sweet, right?