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I have always had a passion for writing.  From my middle school LiveJournal, to my early high school Geocities website, now onto a blog capturing my adventures in IT.

This blog will be all about the things I’ve learned in my career in IT, the joys I’ve had, and the sorrows I’ve faced.  My goal is to make it educational as well as entertaining.

I’ll start off this journey with a mishap.

I started off my IT career as a contractor for Jostens, Inc.  I worked as a level I help desk technician.  Our team provided support for sales representatives nationwide as well as corporate employees.  I met some great individuals and had some great colleagues.

One day, I got a call from a sales rep whose computer wouldn’t turn on.  She also heard clicking noises from her laptop.  I knew right away that the hard drive had a hardware failure and the arm was snapping lose.  She ended up shipping the laptop to corporate.

I received the laptop and began doing some disk diagnostics and attempts to recover data.  Needless to say, when a hard drive has a hardware failure like this, there is little hope of data recovery.

Now I made good friends with one of my colleagues at the time and since we could not recover any data, he jokingly said “let’s just smash the drive”.

I was young and stupid.

I grabbed our mallet and had fun smashing the drive until I received the all-too-satisfying rattle of the shattered disks inside.  Here I was shaking the drive like a maraca, when my boss walked in.

The Confrontation

He asked me what was going on and I told him a sales rep had a dead hard drive and we had to replace it.  But before replacing it, we wanted to ensure no secure data could ever be recovered.  My boss immediately brought me into his office and sat me down.  He asked me honestly why I smashed the hard drive.  And at the time, I told him that it was because the data could not be recovered and that I wanted to secure the data.  This after all, was a logical process in my immaturity.

My boss then continued to lay into me the fact that there are other methods of recovering data than I tried and that I should not have assumed that the sales rep did not want to pursue those methods.  These methods of recovery are provided by our local Kroll Ontrack and costed a lot of money to perform.  However, with the drive in the state it was, there was no option for recovery.

My boss wrote me up for that event.  And I learned that there are always other options for fixing something that is broken.  I learned to check against those before jumping to conclusions.

Thank you for enjoying my story, I look forward to many more in the future!

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