How to upgrade iDRAC firmware on Dell PowerEdge servers

Technology has come a long way.  Dell has a feature on their PowerEdge servers called “iDRAC”.  It stands for Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller.  What this does, is it enables technicians remote access to the server even if the server is shutdown.

This piece of technology, like all technology, needs updating periodically.  I’m going to go over how to upgrade the firmware, which is also called the Lifecycle Controller.

There are two methods used to upgrade iDRAC firmware on Dell PowerEdge servers.

What you will need:

Remote Upgrade

The remote upgrade path involves the downloaded firmware installation file.  Once you have that file, extract the EXE and then simply open a browser and navigate to the iDRAC IP address.

Once in the iDRAC controller, navigate to iDRAC Settings > Upgrade and Rollback. 

Browse to the folder where it extracted and locate the “*.D7” file type and click Upload.  It will then upload.  Once finished uploading, select it on the list and click Install.

Log out of the iDRAC controller and it should install the latest firmware version automatically.  Then it restarts the controller.  Sign back in and you will have the newest firmware version.

Local Upgrade

The local upgrade path is performed on the server OS itself.  This only works with Windows based server versions.  Download the firmware driver above and just run the EXE as admin from the server and it will install the latest Lifecycle Controller.  This is by far the easiest method, but not always possible.