Windows Update Fix for HP t520 Thin Client

This will be more of a technical article, and very short.  I ran into an issue the other day when trying to run Windows Update on the Windows Embedded 7 (WES7) HP t520 Thin Client.

We needed to get this patched because there was an issue with the RDP program that was updated through a patch.  We now keep all of our HP t520 Thin Client machines fully patched.

I was sitting there trying to run Windows Update from the Control Panel and it kept saying that the settings are controlled by the system administrator, wouldn’t let me proceed.  I got super frustrated until I found the solution.

HP changes a registry key in order to block Windows Update from running on their thin clients.  Why they do this, I’m sure they have a logical business case for it, but I have no idea.

The fix

The registry key is as follows:


If you see NoWindowsUpdate is 1, set it to 0.

Then close and re-open the control panel and you should be able to run Windows Updates.  

Hope this helps!